I’d like to thank Bibee Dresses for making post-maternity clothes that hide the fact I still look heavily pregnant. Thank you!

Bryony Gordon

Journalist, The Telegraph
I love my Bibee Dress breast-feeding tops. Great to wear under other tops.

Nell McAndrew

TV Personality
The Bibee Dress is a unique invention which offers versatility, style, comfort, elegant design and discreet breastfeeding.

Mummy Matters

The dress hides all the lumps and post pregnancy bumps which I love.

Emmy's Mummy

This is the perfect maternity dress and I can see myself wearing it well beyond pregnancy.

Parent Panel

The Bibee Dress is a wonderfully versatile and practical must-have maternity outfit.

First 4 Dad

I have finally found an alternative to jeans in my maternity wardrobe! My Bibee Dress makes me feel glam and I get lots of compliments every time I wear it! I love it!


I found the Bibee Dress to be stylish and flattering to my post-baby figure. The colour is beautiful and the nursing part of the dress is discretely designed with the attached Bib allowing for easy and discrete breast-feeding feeding. The dress is made of high quality material, making it ideal for special occasions. Bibee Dresses definitely get the thumbs up and approval of Mummy and Me Magazine.

Mummy and Me

The dress is also perfect should your clothes get milk splattered whilst out and about, as you simply carry a spare bib in your bag and pop to the toilet for a quick change. How has no one ever thought of this before?


This is the perfect maternity dress and I can see myself wearing this well beyond pregnancy. I have worn and washed this dress several times and it hasn’t shrunk or faded and even better as the jersey is heavy it doesn’t really need ironing!

Parent Panel

All in all I totally loved this beautiful dress. From the simple design with beautiful fluid lines, to the clever features designed to keep pregnant mum’s and new mum’s stylish and comfortable, I am left in no doubt that this will be a new range of maternity dresses that women will absolutely love.

The Mummy Blogger