A Bibee is the interchangeable front of a Bibee Dress!

Bibee Dresses is a mix and match wardrobe for pregnancy and breast-feeding. Dresses, dress-fronts (the Bibees!) and T-shirts are each sold separately, but coordinate to create a complete capsule wardrobe.

The Bibee Dress has a low scoop neckline, which sits neatly around and underneath the bust. It can be worn over your favourite blouse, or teamed with any of the beautiful Bibees from our coordinating range. Every Bibee attaches to every Bibee Dress. They are easy to remove and replace – transforming your dress (into a totally different dress) in seconds.

Breast-feeding mothers love the Bibee Dress, as the interchangeable Bibee system offers easy and discrete access to the boob. We recommend that all new-mothers (breast-feeding or not) carry a spare Bibee in their handbag – so it’s not just baby that gets a quick a change when clothes become milk-stained or dirty.

A Bibee has quickly became a necessity in any pregnant woman’s wardrobe. The Bibee offers you both safety and security whilst breastfeeding in public. It’s simplistic and lightweight design hugs you in all the right places and can be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond. 

The Bibee Dress was designed as an alternative to figure hugging maternity clothes and wrap-dresses. Everything from pockets to buttons have been tried, tested and planned with the upmost attention to detail, but the bit we are most proud of is the way a Bibee Dress skims over lumps and bumps – ensuring you look and feel glamorous right through pregnancy, until your figure returns to a shape you love!

Bibee Dresses are unique, easy to wear, versatile dresses for real mums.

Nicola Norris
Creative Director of Bibee Dresses