We have tried to make this design and functionality of the Bibee as simple as possible for a number of reasons. Being pregnant isn’t easy for everyone and even the women who find it easy will still face their fair share of challenges. Whilst it is all worth it in the end, we want to provide you with as many solutions as possible to help you out a little.  

The Bibee is discreet and easy to use, which is perfect for nursing mothers. Whether you’re at the park or eating in a merchant city restaurant the Bibee can give you the flexibility to breastfeed on the go, whilst being discreet and covering your modesty. 

The Bibee is so easy to use that we have devised a series of photos to show you how to put it on. The buttons are placed strategically so that it is easy to button and unbutton them yourself with little-to-no hassle. With buttons on both sides, this makes nursing anywhere easier than you could ever imagine!  


The Dress

The Bibee dress slips on like any dress would, the main difference that you may notice is the panel missing at the bust, this is to allow for easy nursing, as well as a more comfortable fit.

The Bibee Front

The Bibee front is easily attached to the dress with a series of buttons located on the shoulders and ribs on both sides. You can choose between a variety of short and long sleeved versions of the Bibee front.

The T-Shirt

The Bibee t-shirt works in the same way as the dress, just in t-shirt form! This is great if you prefer wearing trousers or skirts as opposed to a dress.