Two babies in one year!

Hello and thanks for visiting Bibee’s new blog.

People have been encouraging me to write a blog for months, urging me to document the up’s and down’s of my journey from Client Service Director to Maternity Designer – with a stop off at motherhood along the way.

Those who know me well know that I couldn’t possibly have written a blog over the past two years, because I haven’t had much time to think and sleep has been somewhat limited. Starting a business has always been on my agenda, but starting a business within a year of having a baby possibly wasn’t my wisest move!

That said we seem to be through the ‘worst’ and are now working hard to reach a place where we will one day look back at the last two years ‘fondly’…. we are not there yet!

Over the next few months I will be remembering the inspiration that brought Bibee Dresses to life and the laughs and tears along that way.

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