One dress or twenty?

The inspiration for Bibee Dresses came as a result of my frustrations during pregnancy.

I love fashion and have always had an eye for putting outfits together. My sister is the academic one in the family and annoyingly she is also the skinny one, but she hasn’t got the best dress sense so we would bond over shopping trips in our teenage years.

She says she always new that I would work in fashion, because only a true fashion lover talks about needing ‘a red shoe to go with that’ or ‘a black tight’ – a fashion lover or someone with one leg!

Anyway my love of fashion fell off a cliff during pregnancy, as I couldn’t find anything to wear. I don’t look great in body-con dresses or skinny jeans when I am at my thinnest, so didn’t dare even try during pregnancy. That ruled out most of the stylish maternity brands, so I was left with high street pickings in paisley and floral fabrics.

I felt drab and uncool all the time and longed for a good quality, well-cut dress that would flatter my blossoming figure and be comfortable. I really needed twenty versions of this dress to keep me looking good throughout pregnancy, but as funds were tight (and I would hopefully regain my figure and throw all of my maternity clothes away at some point in the future!) I would have settled for one. The problem was I didn’t even find one dress that I really liked.

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