Annual photo shoot was such fun!

Tuesday was a big day for the Bibee team. It was our annual photo shoot, which this time took place on location around North London – Camden and Hampstead to be precise.

Over the past few months we have been working hard to create the Bibee Brand and strengthen it’s bubbly personality and this shoot is integral to everything we are working towards.

The inspiration for this shoot actually came from my mother, who suggested I take a look at some of her old home videos from when she was pregnant.  She had a box of old tapes in the attic, and one day she asked me if I knew a place that will convert VHS to DVD, so that she could keep these memories close.  Once we had all of the footage on the computer, we looked through hours of footage together, and I got to see how my own mother styled herself when pregnant, in a time when there wasn’t lots of options like today.

We started at 5am and finished at 6pm – a long day for our heavily pregnant models, but they were all amazing and the end results are looking brilliant. I can’t give away too much yet, but have shared one of my favourite summer shots on our Facebook page, so pop over and take a look at The Ice Cream Surprise!

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