Breastfeeding Tips for Summer

The weather and remember that the hottest hours are from around midday to 3pm, so you might want to avoid venturing out if temperatures are soaring. Generally, it’s easier to get hot and bothered in warmer weather and your baby will feel this too, so for a smoother nursing time ensure that you’re both keeping calm and cool.

Lose the Layers

Many mums struggle with what to wear to help them feel comfortable breastfeeding in public but also give them confidence, convenience and style. Our bodies change dramatically during and after pregnancy so it can be tricky to adapt to your changing needs, especially when you have a little one to handle. Although layering with stretchy tops can be effective, it’s frustrating in summer when you’re bound to get sweaty and uncomfortable. Lose the layers and opt for lighter, breathable cotton tops. If you think that wearing a dress might leave you too exposed, think again, Bibee dresses are perfect for feeling flirty and free and can also keep you cool while providing convenient access for you baby when they get hungry!

Nourishment and Hydration

Your body is burning an incredible amount of calories when you’re breastfeeding and in summer, the hydration you’re losing from sweat means that it’s even more important to keep nourished. Look after yourself and you’ll automatically be looking after baby so try to make sure that you have an abundance of hydrating, water-filled food and drink in your fridge. Cucumbers, watermelon, celery, grapes, peaches, blueberries, herbal ice teas and water flavoured with citrus fruits and mint are all great, refreshing treats.

Extras for your baby bag could be some small cold packs that will keep flannels cool. Use these to wipe and freshen your little one up throughout the day and they’ll be keeping as chilled-out, calm and happy as you this summer.

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