Tiredness, breast-feeding and dirty clothes!

Post pregnancy I elected to breast-feed my daughter. Her name is Marla by the way and she is the most amazing little person in the world. She’s been a big part of Bibee and has spent so much time at my side that she now comments on peoples clothes by rubbing the item between her fingers and saying ‘that’s a nice fabric’! I only hope that all the hours work I have put into this business have shown her that she needs to work hard, but that everything is achievable.

Back to breast-feeding. How hard is breast-feeding? I found it really difficult.

I didn’t mind doing it in principle and I didn’t mind getting my boobs out in public, but I just found dressing in a way that gave me access really difficult and I found trying to do it discreetly usually resulted in drawing attention to myself as I hid behind a scarf that kept slipping on the floor.

Marla would often bring some of her milk back during burping, so milk-stained clothes became normal in my life for quite a long time.

I am a natural mother and I’m really maternal, but I found the first few months of motherhood difficult. In fact I found the first two years of motherhood really hard – but everything is relative and it certainly got easier!

Tiredness, feeling overweight and having horrible clothes covered in milk are strong memories for me. Yes they pale into insignificance next to the wonder of Marla, but I would have enjoyed the period more if I’d had a lot more sleep and a little more self-confidence about my appearance.

I couldn’t do anything about the sleep, but I knew I could do something about my appearance and the practicalities of motherhood.

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